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Premium Walnuts

Nutritious Walnuts Supplied by CCI APAC HOLDINGS

Singapore-based CCI APAC specializes in supplying Chilean walnuts (in shell walnuts as well as kernels in halves, quarters and pieces).

Chilean Walnut kernels are primarily graded in Halves, Quarters and Pieces. The second grading is done by color resulting in Extra-light, Light, Light Amber and Amber colors. The main reason for this selection is that goods can be shelled manually as well as mechanically, whereas walnuts in USA are exclusively shelled by machine.

The US packers have a different type of grading. They are selecting on color and percentage of Halves (for example, LHP70% means Light Halves and Pieces with a minimum of 70% halves).

Extra light kernel halves are derived from Chandler and Serr varieties, while light halves are derived from Chandler, Howard and Serr.

Harvest times are happening in February, March and April.

The Chilean walnuts kernel halves are packed in 5-kg vacuum packed polyethylene bags in 10 kg cartons.


Walnut kernels nutritional values (100 grams)

Energy of 697 cal aka 2919 kJ.
Total Fat 64.0 gr.
Total Protein 14.8 gr.
Total Carbohydrates 13.7 gr.
Total Minerals 1.9 gr.
Total Vitamins 2.8 mg.


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