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Premium Cashew Nuts

Healthy and Nutritious Cashews Supplied by CCI APAC HOLDINGS

Singapore-based CCI APAC HOLDINGS is a supplier and distributor of cashew nuts kernels in countries of Asia-Pacific region. They are are commonly known to be in a perfect mix of nut snacks, and increasingly as ingredients in cookies, cereals and as well as a topping on ice-cream.


Cashew nuts have a lower content of fats compared most other nuts. They are full of proteins, dietary fiber, Vitamin E and Vitamin B as well as essential minerals such as copper, iron, magnesium and phosphorus.


Cashews are mainly used as a roasted and salted snack. Contact us today about your customized retail packaging needs for cashews, pistachios and hazelnuts!

Harvest of cashew nut kernels in Vietnam and India is starting March and ending in June.

We offer whole grades (kernels per LBS): W240, W320, W450. UNECE standards classes: Extra, Class I and Class II

Broken grades in first colour grade only: Butts, Splits, LWP and SWP.


Packing: 10-25 kg polysacks. Cashew nuts are also packaged in such things as boxes or cartons containing two sealed tinplate canisters to protect the nuts from autoxidation.

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