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Premium Almonds

Healthy and Nutritious Almonds Supplied by CCI APAC HOLDINGS

Singapore-based CCI APAC HOLDINGS is a supplier and distributor of tree nuts, such as almonds, hazelnuts, cashews and pistachios ("the smiling nuts) in countries of Asia-Pacific region.

Harvest of almonds in Spain is happening in September.

Almonds are tasty and nutritious nuts produced in California, Australia, Spain and other Mediterranean countries. They are rich in fiber, proteins, vitamins and antioxidant phytochemicals.

Offered Almonds and Available Sizes:
Marcona almonds are a type of sweet, gourmet almonds from Spain that is very popular in the Mediterranean region. They are sweeter, moister, and softer than the California almonds with a buttery flavor and texture.

 Sizes (width): Large (S/16 mm), medium (14/16 mm) and small (12/14 mm)

Largueta almonds - Shape similar to California almonds. The shell is hard and long shaped; the almond kernel is long shaped, sharp-pointed and slightly flat. Offered as conventional or organic.

Sizes: 10/11 mm, 11/12 mm, 12/13 mm, 13/14 mm and S/14 mm


Big bags, PE bags in carton, customized retail packaging


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